Startup Tip: Always Be Fundraising

Jun 27, 2024

By Katie Kuehner-Hebert 

June 27, 2024 

"You must get comfortable feeling like you're running out of money—at least for the first three to five years," says Octaura CFO Jason Cohen. 

Balancing the need for day-to-day financial management with the demand to grow and scale the business presents a challenge. At Octaura, a startup founded in 2022 that provides an electronic trading and analytics platform for the syndicated loan market, handling that falls on the shoulders of CFO/COO Jason Cohen.  

As an early-stage employee, Cohen embodies what he sees as an essential trait of new hires at Octaura: “They need to be comfortable wearing many hats and working in a fluid environment.” Our Katie Kuehner-Hebert asked Cohen about leading finance at such a young company while juggling the role of head of operations. 

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